Cat Club GDAŃSKIE LWY [„The Lions of Gdańsk”] invites you to its Summer 2-certificate, JUBILEE XXXX and XXXXI International Cat Show in Gdańsk. Here are the details:

  • Dates: August 10, 2024, to August 11, 2024.
  • Venue: The exhibition will be held at the Stary Maneż (Old Manege) at the Garrison estate in Gdańsk, Juliusza Słowackiego 23 street. The venue features a modern concert hall with air conditioning. You can find more information about the venue here

On Saturday, August 1, before the BIS panel, there will be a SPECIAL LITTERS SHOW – we invite kittens and cats of all breeds !

The online registration link is here: Entry form (miau.pl)

Judges invited:

Mrs Tetiana Boiko UA – ALLBREED

Mrs Grażyna Laskowska-Malaga PL – ALLBREED

Mr Juan José Martinez Vizcaino ES – ALLBREED

Mr Sebastian Pruchniak PL – ALLBREED

Registration and Schedule:

  • Registration and Veterinary Check: Begins at 8:00 AM.
  • Exhibition start: Cat judging starts at 10:00 AM.
  • Program Highlights:
    • Special Litters: Scheduled Saturday from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM.
    • Best in Show: Takes place both days from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.
  • The exhibition follows the BEST IN CATEGORY system.
Entry Fees:

Payment in Euro can be made directly in cash when registering for the exhibition

  • Single Cat (Classes 1-12):
    • 50 E for one day or 60 Euro for both days
  • Veterans, Guest Cats, and Domestic Cats (Classes 14 and 17):
    • 45 Euro for one day or 50 Euro for both days.
  • Litters: 50 Euro for one day or 60 Euro for both days.
  • Color Determination Fee: 15 Euro.
  • Double Cage Fee (for one cat):
    • One day: 15 Euro.
    • Both days: 25 Euro.
  • Payment Handling Fee (for exhibitors): 15 Euro.
  • Club Members (Gdańskie Lwy):
    • Discount: 50 PLN for each cat registered for both days.
  • Litter Promotion:
    • When registering a litter for both days, one kitten from that litter can be entered for evaluation at a promotional price of 20 Euro (other kittens follow the regular fee).
  • Fourth and Subsequent Cats:
    • Exhibitors registering four or more cats for both days receive a discount: they pay 35 E for the fourth and each subsequent cat (not applicable to individually registered kittens).

Please note that promotions do not stack.

Exhibition Conditions:
  • All FIFe and Polska Federacja Felinologiczna Felis Polonia exhibition rules apply.
  • Cats must be at least 16 weeks old, registered for the exhibition, and pass the veterinary check.
  • During the exhibition, cats must remain in decorated cages.
  • Submitting the registration form and its confirmation (electronic or written) implies acceptance of all exhibition conditions, including financial terms, and consent to data processing by the organizer.
  • Exhibitors should have the following at the exhibition:
    • Cat’s booklet or passport with up-to-date vaccinations and microchip number.
    • Proof of payment for exhibition participation.

For any last-minute payments (after Sunday, August 4), please note that the regular fees apply.

Remember to follow the event on Facebook and check out their Instagram page for updates! 🐾🐱